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Miguel Ángel Sebastián

Associate Research Fellow (Investigador Titular A)
Instituto de Investigaciones Filosóficas

Short biography

I am a Permanent Research Fellow of the Institute for Philosophical Research at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM).

I got my PhD in Philosophy from the University of Barcelona within the LOGOS (Research Group in Analytic Philosophy) in 2011. During my PhD I was a visiting scholar at NYU and Warwick. I was awarded a postgraduate fellowship at the Philosophy Faculty of UNAM in 2012 and hired as a Research Fellow at the Institute for Philosophical Research in 2014.


Prior to that I studied Telecommunication Engineering in Madrid and I got a MSc. in Information Technologies at the University of Stuttgart. I worked as a research engineer in Germany for a few years while I was studying Philosophy until I realized that I wanted to dedicate myself fully to research in Philosophy. I thought that it would be easier for an engineer to get accepted in a PhD program by linking the philosophical research with technology. I started to study the role of consciousness in Artificial Intelligence and I got stuck into consciousness studies.

My research interest has always been the same: understand the nature of consciousness within a naturalistic framework and the role it plays in our cognitive capacities (attention, memory, etc.). I attempt to combine the method of analysis and the theoretical tools provided by analytic philosophy with close attention to scientific findings in cognitive sciences. My research deals with metaphysical questions related to the mind-body problem as well as empirical and methodological problems —like the relation between consciousness and the reports about it. I am specially interested in the subjective character of the experience. I think that the analysis of self-representation is crucial for understanding the first-person perspective inherent to our conscious experience.

Research interest

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