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A research group focused on consciousness and its philosophical problems



Our research focuses on the nature of conscious experiences and their relation to other cognitive capacities, like attention, emotions or memory. We are particularly interested in understanding the first-person perspective and how it relates to action. For this purpose we combine the tools of analytic philosophy with critical study of the empirical evidence in cognitive psychology and neurosciences.

These are the main lines of research that we are exploring:

1. To investigate whether a materialistic framework is compatible with the existence of consciousness and to understand the role that the first-person perspective plays in the problem of consciousness.

2. To offer an understanding of the first-person perspective in informational terms appealing to informational and complexity theory.

3. To understand the relation between first-person information and episodic memory.

4. To understand the role that first-person information plays in responsibility attributions.




  • (Book) Sebastián (2022) El problema de la consciencia. Una introducción crítica a la discusión filosófica actual. Madrid, Ediciones Cátedra. Teorema, Serie Mayor ISBN 978-84-376-4272-7 

  • Sebastián (2022) First-Person Perspective in Experience: Perspectival De Se Representation as an Explanation of the Delimitation Problem. Erkenntnis

  • Sebastián & Okón (2022) The Subjective-Objective Collapse Model: Virtues and Challenges in S. Gao (ed.) Consciousness and Quantum Mechanics. Oxford University Press

  • Sebastián (2021) First‐person representations and responsible agency in AI. Synthese.

  • Sebastián (2022) Being Self-Involved Without Thinking About It: Confusions, Virtues and Challenges of Higher-order Theories en J. Weisberg (ed.) Qualitative Consciousness: Themes from the Philosophy of David Rosenthal. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press  


Instituto de Investigaciones Filosóficas, UNAM

Circuito Mtro Mario de la Cueva

Ciudad Universitaria

Del. Coyoacán

México D.F. 04510


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